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30 days returning right

Today there is no longer a risk buying clothing items or equipment online. eXplosiv encourages you to make online ordersĀ  with confidence because you can return the product as simple as you ordered it. If you are not happy with the product you have purchased, you can return it within 30 calendar days calculated from the delivery day.

How can you return the products purchased from eXplosiv?

To return the products bought in our online store, please contact one of our colleagues at Customer Services or fill out and email this “Return Form”. Explosiv offers you more options to return or change a product:

1.changing the product with the same model (other color or size)

2.changing the product with another product

3.forwarding the amount of money paid on purchase

In case of product return, we send the courier to your address to pick up the product ,the cost of the shipping being paid by you. The cost of delivering the new product (in case of product replacement) is supported by eXplosiv.

The products purchased from eXplosiv can only be returned if they respect all conditions mentioned in the “Return Conditions” section.

If you choose to forward the amount paid on purchase and your returned product respects all return conditions, we will refund the full amount in maximum 14 calendar days.

Returning Conditions

As mentioned above, all products purchased from eXplosiv can be returned within a maximum of 30 calendar days, both to individuals and to legal persons. Here are the general conditions that are applied to all products in case of return:

The products you want to return must be in the same condition as you received them without showing any damage or signs of use. So we can not accept products with scratches, strikes, products with incomplete or damaged packaging, or products that are not accompanied by all original accessories.

Products purchased from eXplosiv must be returned in the original packaging, with all labels and all accompanying documents.

If you bought more products of the same kind and want to return them all, only one of these products can be unsealed, all others must be returned sealed, intact.

If the purchased items were accompanied by gifts, they must be returned with gifts.