Explosiv ALLROUNDER TOP skis, Ladies, Black, 162 cm

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Explosiv ALLROUNDER TOP skis, Ladies

Features: Easy composition with "carver", recommended primarily for women, with excellent skiing features for beginners and slightly advanced skiers. The easy rotation provides the pleasure sense of skiing, it keeps the old traditions but it also helps in experiencing the splendid sense of ski carving.

We do not recommend the use for those weighing more than 90 kg.

Aircell-cap construction, polyurethane foam, tread with P-Tex 900, with tip and tail protector. Twin-Typ ski, the rounded back tail- just like the front tail- comes up in the vault.

The"TT" form eases changing direction and helps in steering the skis.

Due to its cap-construction in three dimensions, acts as a true "carver" in curves.

Micro-laminated woodcore


Color Black
Length (cm) 162
For Ladies
Training level Beginner
Ski type SL


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